We are a small, family run mini farm. We breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Miniature Donkeys. Our babies are raised with children, dogs, cats and horses and more. 

You will see and interact with:

Dwarf Goats - Miniature Donkeys - Horses and many other lovable creatures.  Including our 1 year old camel Jasmine.



About Us

We Are All Friends Here

We Invite You to Visit Us...

Come Take a Visit or Join Us for Goat Yoga!

Whatever Interactive Experience You Want With Our Lovable Animals You Are Looking For We Want to Provide! 

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Check out the Barn and get acquainted with the animals of your choice. There is so much to see and do! 


Barn Visits:

$50 per group up to 4 for 45 mins

each additional person $15

Hands-On Fun For Everyone

You choose what interaction and with which animals. It's your hour so we are here to make sure you receive the experience you came expecting and more!