Terms of Service 

Due to the varied care outside of our control, there can be no guarantees on the animals.  Stress, change in diet, etc. are all factors in the ongoing health of the animal.  BUYER assumes any and all responsibility at pickup.   BUYER certifies it is their sole responsibility to know and obey their state, county, city, or subdivision laws, rules, or ordinances. No refund will be given due to buyer neglect to properly research such statutes.  MMA may be able assist in finding a suitable home/placement for the animal. Buyer fully understands no refunds are given.   Buyer further agrees to hold MMA and its entities harmless, agreeing that no negative, derogatory, or defaming remarks shall be spoken, written or implied resulting from the purchase of this or any other animal. By purchasing an animal from MMA, you are agreeing that MMA makes no representation or warranties about the health or condition of the animal.  You are accepting the animal as is at the time of purchase and the value of the animal remains the same regardless of health or condition.  No refunds will be given because of health problems current or in the future.


Forms Of Payment

- PayPal : Paypal.me/minimanagerie

- Venmo : @MMACRES